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15 Years of Experience

For over 15 years, Chip In Stock has focused on enhancing its ability to meet unique customer requirements. We craft solutions to tackle a wide range of challenges in the electronic components supply chain.


With our extensive in-stock inventory and strengthened supplier relationships, we have the ability to locate all your component requirements, including the most hard-to-find parts.

Cost Reduction

We can assist you in saving money on certain high-priced, high-volume products that you currently purchase directly from suppliers or distributors.

Excess Inventory Solutions

Effectively managing excess inventory is a common challenge. Our expertise lies in creating markets and assisting you in selling excess products in different regions.

End of Life / Obsolescence

Electronic components ultimately face obsolescence as they are either discontinued or replaced by newer alternatives. We can tap into our network of suppliers to locate these EOL products and provide you with regular updates on their availability for procurement.

Inventory Management

As inventory concerns escalate, and costs continue to rise, it's the ideal moment for Chip In Stock to step in and assist you with inventory management. Through customized agreements tailored to your specific requirements, we can reserve components in our warehouse and dispatch them to you whenever you need them.

Market Intelligence

A keen attention to market information is an integral part of our service. We consistently gather data from suppliers to stay abreast of product trends and make every effort to share this intelligence with our clients.

Global Logistics

We have a dedicated global logistics team in place to ensure the efficient and timely delivery of products to you.


We can bundle and package components for shipment to you.

Testing Laboratory

We are one of the few independent distributors with our own testing laboratory. Each product undergoes inspection and verification by our internally trained and experienced engineers before delivery.