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Excess inventory can be a burden for one company, but a valuable resource for another in need. Chip In Stock's value lies in creating markets, facilitating the resale of excess components in different regions, and maximizing the recovery of value for your business.

Lot or Line Item Buys

Lot or line item buys provide you with a quick way to clear excess inventory from your warehouse shelves. Under this model, we will directly purchase either the entire lot or specific line items of your inventory, and can assist with the shipping and packaging of your excess components.

Consignment Programs

Consignment offers you an opportunity to free up warehouse space and receive the greatest return on investment for marketable excess inventory. Depending on your preference, consigned inventory can be stored at our ESD-safe warehouses in Shenzhen or Hong Kong. Once consigned, We will market and resell inventory and ship product direct from stock. Profits are shared at an agreed-upon percentage.

Sale of Non-Consigned Inventory

Our Non-Consigned Inventory Sales Model allows you to maintain ownership of your inventory and continue daily warehousing responsibilities while your inventory is marketed to our vast network of potential buyers. Both our consignment and non-consignment solutions benefit from our aggressive direct-marketing model.

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